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Mountain Shadows Middle School
8th Grade Developmental Humanities Core
Language Arts – History
September, 1998

Students, welcome to the 1998-99 school year! This is a list of my classroom procedures and expectations that we will review together. As we do, please put your initials after each statement to indicate you understand each statement.

Parents, welcome to the new school year. This year’s 8th grade class is looking forward to accepting the challenges that will be presented and I am looking forward to teaching students to begin to think critically about history and its application to the world around them. In history, students can expect to learn about the growth of the United States from the colonial period to the age of industrialization in the late nineteenth century. Major topics will include the writing of the Constitution, the westward movement, and the Civil War. In language arts, we will focus on four main areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will read novels that are carefully coordinated to reflect the time periods and cultures of the areas of study in social studies as well as short story selections and poetry from the literature book anthology. Language arts classes will include different styles of writing (i.e. problem-solution, autobiographical incident, etc.) as well as poetry, journal writing, and so forth. Writing mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary will be a major focus of the language arts program. Computer technology will also be used to enhance the reading and writing program of the Developmental Humanities Core.

Parents, please review this list of procedures and expectations with your son/daughter, sign the bottom portion and return the ENTIRE packet to Mrs. Reid or Mr. Moore at school. If you need clarification, please do not hesitate to call.

Miscellaneous Information

  1. I understand the name of the Social Studies textbook is American Nation and I will have a copy to take home and leave there for homework and a copy in the classroom. _____
  2. I understand that for Language Arts we will read a variety of novels and short stories from our anthology The Language of Literature and it will be my responsibility to carry this book back and forth to school. _____
  3. I understand that the last 2 pages of this letter are general outlines of the topics we will be discussing in 8th grade History and Language Arts this year. _____
  4. Supplies Needed

  5. I understand I will need the following school supplies as soon as possible to participate in class activities: _____
  6. 1. A 3-ring notebook for Language Arts and Social Studies ONLY with loose-leaf paper and 5 dividers
    Label the dividers:
    *D.L.S. *Spelling *Language Arts *History *Writing
    2. A pen and pencil with an eraser
    3. Two felt tip pens of different colors and two highlighters of different colors
    4. A container for these such as a pencil pouch

  7. I understand the following materials would be helpful but are not required: _____
  8. 1. A variety of colored pens and pencils and highlighters
    2. A small pair of scissors and a glue stick


  9. I understand homework is expected an average of three to four times per week. _____
  10. I understand homework assignments include spelling, reading, writing, and special projects. _____
  11. I understand homework is due the day after it is assigned unless special instructions are given. _____
  12. I understand History Day projects are a part of this class and I know to refer to the student handbook for directions and information about project construction. _____
  13. Make Up Work

  14. I understand make up work due to absence is my (the student’s) responsibility. _____
  15. I understand I can obtain make up work in a variety of non-disruptive ways. _____
  16. I understand one way I can obtain make up work is to check the board in the classroom or ask a friend. _____
  17. I understand another way I can obtain make up work is to check the computer printout posted biweekly in the classroom. _____
  18. I understand another way I can obtain make up work and keep my parents informed on my progress is to check the biweekly individual student printout that I will receive. _____
  19. I understand if I know ahead of time that I will be absent, my parents can contact the school office to arrange to have assignments picked up. _____
  20. I understand make up work will be provided only to students who have missed school. _____
  21. I understand that if I choose not to complete an assignment when present at school it is my responsibility to make up the work on my own. _____
  22. Grades

  23. I understand that grades are based on a point system. Each assignment, project, or test is worth a certain amount of points based on the difficulty or time required to complete the assignment. _____
  24. I understand the grade scale is as follows: _____
  25. 90 – 100% A 60 – 69% D
    80 – 89% B 59% - lower F
    70 – 79% C

  26. I realize that missing assignments are often the cause of poor grades. _____
  27. I understand I must complete all of my work to the best of my ability. _____
  28. I understand my academic growth will be assessed through the use of portfolios which will be kept at school and sent home at the end of my eighth grade year. _____
  29. I understand extra credit will sometimes be offered to the whole class but not to individual students for the purpose of making up a poor grade. _____
  30. Classroom Behavior Expectations

    1. Respect Others- No Put Downs!
    2. Follow Directions; Use Active Listening
    3. Stay on Task; Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    4. Bring all materials to class; Be on Time
    5. Follow the Give Me 5 Rule

  31. I understand all students are expected to be in their assigned seats, ready to work when the tardy bell rings or a tardy will be issued. I understand that the consequences for tardies are the same as the consequences posted in the classroom. (See Item #32). _____
  32. I understand all students are expected to follow directions. __________
  33. I understand all students must have permission from the teacher to leave their seats or the classroom. If you have a special medical problem requiring that you leave the classroom on a frequent basis, please let me know so arrangements can be made. _____
  34. I understand all students are expected to respect the rights and property of others. _____
  35. I understand students are expected to bring daily all necessary supplies (Pens, pencils, notebook, paper, books. See #4) _____
  36. I understand students should not bring food, drinks or gum into the classroom. _____
  37. I understand hairbrushes, makeup, and mirrors should not be used in the classroom and will be taken away if they create a disruption. _____
  38. I understand students will learn to avoid classroom disruptions and better participate in class discussions by always raising their hand when they have something to say. _____
  39. I understand the consequences for not meeting these expectations are as follows: _____

  40. 1. Counseled and Warned
    2. Time Out/Lunch Detention/Parent Contact if Appropriate
    3. After School Detention/Parent Notification
    4. Office Referral
    5. Severe Offense/Repeat Offenses:
    *Immediate referral to the Office

  41. I understand these expectations are clearly posted in the classroom for me to refer to at anytime. _____
  42. I understand the rewards for consistently meeting class expectations are as follows: _____

Verbal Praise/Recognition Positive Notes/Phone calls home
Special Individual Awards Special Games or Activities


I have read this list of procedures and expectations and asked questions to clarify parts that I did not understand. I feel I am capable of following the procedures outlined in this packet and I understand the consequences if I do not.

Signature ____________________________ Student’s Name ______________________


Parents, Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We are available for conferences if necessary. Please call to make an appointment. We look forward to a successful year, and together we can provide opportunities for your child’s success.

Mrs. Reid and Mr. Moore


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