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All assignments must be final draft items. Spelling or grammar errors will lower your grade. All rough drafts must be edited and revised within your groups. All assignments must be printed in blue or black ink, or typed. Articles and editorials should be written in columns.

In order to learn more about Ancient Greece, you will complete a creative project, based on some research.

You will work with your table group to complete the following requirements:

    1. A cover that includes a picture, the title, and other appropriate information such as price, articles inside, etc.), and a back cover.
    2. A Table of Contents page
    3. An editorial
    4. A variety of original advertisements, a minimum of 4
    5. A variety of original articles, a minimum of 4; the articles must demonstrate that research has been done.
    6. A fun page with comics, word games, puzzles, jokes, etc.
    7. A separate bibliography of sources consulted; NO BIBLIOGRAPHY? NO GRADE!
This project will earn THREE MAJOR GRADES from the following categories:
    1. Writing Ability
    2. Creativity (in articles, ads, overall concept)
    3. Overall production
Each project should be as authentic and creative as possible. In order to achieve this, you will find it necessary to research some areas of Ancient Greece, and a bibliography must be completed to verify your sources. When writing your articles, select appropriate articles for a specific audience. Strive to make your magazine as professional looking as possible- research on your own at home or in stores: what do good magazines look like? Remember, the quality of your production should be evident to the reader.

Set the time period to be about 200 BC. No modern items will be allowed!

For the Editorials For the Articles For the Ads  
Greek Magazine Grading Information

When I read your magazines, I will read them for pleasure, expecting that they should earn all Aís in every category. When I find some problems (like from the list below), I will have to lower the grade somewhat. Avoid these pitfalls and you will have higher grades!

The Writing Ability

The Creativity Grade The Overall Production Grade


Group Members:

Verify that you have met the requirements for the project by completing the following.

List the titles of your articles and their page numbers:





List your advertisements and their page numbers:




Fun page? Name its title and page # __________________________________________________________________

Bibliography? Staple to this sheet.



CREATIVITY __________