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Inquiring Minds... 
An Internet-Based Learning Activity on The Middle Ages
created by

Mary Reid
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The Middle Ages is a term employed to identify the period of time in European History between Ancient and Modern times. The term applies to a period of history with an indefinite beginning and end. The Middle Ages were full of all kinds of intrigue and numerous dynamic changes, especially from 1000-1300. Kings fought powerful barons in an effort to unify their kingdoms; many towns and cities started to grow; Popes and kings often struggled with each other for political control; and thousands of people started trekking miles through the scorching desert to faraway cities. How did all of these events and developments come about? What was their significance? And how do we explain the fact that, while all the kingdoms of Europe were relying on some kind of feudal system to keep order during this time, each began to veer in its own direction? 


Inquiry Unit

Use the following Internet Resources to complete the requirements for

The Middle Ages Inquiries

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Learning Advice



Remember, you will be evaluated separately on each activity that you complete. Final draft quality is expected on every written assignment and word processed document. A 6 point rubric will be used to score written work. Multimedia presentations will be evaluated according to the multimedia presentation rubric. All activities will be evaluated for completeness, neatness, and historical content and accuracy.


Please refer to The Middle Ages Inquiry Unit packet and reread the Conclusion task. Please discuss with your final group(the people you just completed your last activity with) and be prepared to answer out to the class when all groups have completed their projects.