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Online Course Evaluation

"Teaching Over the Internet: A New Set of Skills"

Complete the following activities related to the information provided in the Online Course.

Click on the "Submit Form" button when you have completed all questions.  Hint:  You may want to make a hard copy of the questions, answer them in another space on your computer, then copy your answers to this form before submitting. 

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1.  Go online and find at least one web site that would be motivating/interesting to the students that you teach. It should be age and subject appropriate. List the URL and then explain the following: 

2.  List and explain 3 ways that you could, and are willing to, use the Internet in your classroom.

3.  What prerequisite learning is required in order to successfully integrate the Internet into the classroom? 

4.  Why is it important to develop instructional objectives before creating a WebQuest?

5.  Find 2-3 examples of lesson plans or units of instruction that have been turned into WebQuests. 

6.  List the main components of a WebQuest. 

7.  Explore at least 3 of the search engines listed, conduct a search for WebQuest, and compare your results. 

8.  Think of your favorite lesson plan to teach. What is it about the lesson that makes it so enjoyable and motivating for your students? 

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