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Table of Specifications

An Online Course for Educators: Internet Integration
Created by Mary B. Reid
For ED723 at Capella University

Online Course Evaluation


Bloom's Levels Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Total
Student Motivation 1           1
Internet Integration     1   1 1 3
Prerequisite Internet Skills   1         1
Developing Instructional Objectives       1 1 1 3
WebQuest Components       1 1   2
Total 1 1 1 2 3 2 10


This assessment is a culminating group of activities for an online course for educators that I created to present at conferences and within my school district.  The content areas I selected are directly related to my objectives and course content.  I felt that Internet Integration and developing good Instructional Objectives were both very important concepts for educators to understand and demonstrate an understanding of, so I chose three evaluation questions for each of these areas.  For this topic of Internet Integration, I felt that it was important for teachers to demonstrate an ability to put together their own WebQuest, therefore a greater number of questions were higher order thinking skills, specifically synthesis and evaluation.