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History-Social Studies- In this course students will study World History and Geography.  Topics range from the beginnings of man, Ancient Civilizations, The Middle Ages, and Modern World History.  The following is a list of activities and topics that will be studied.

Geography Ancient Civilizations The Middle Ages Modern World History


An Introduction to Maps and Globes               

World History: Ancient Civilizations

Amazing Artifacts - Study ancient civilizations through the artifacts they left behind.

Who Were the Neanderthals Anyway? - Discover prehistoric man and analyze this interesting time period

The Pyramid of Egyptian Society - The social structure of the Ancient Egyptians was similar to a pyramid.  Learn about Egyptian society and social classes

Egyptian Scavenger Hunt - Complete a crossword puzzle using the Internet to solve the clues

Egyptian Hieroglyphics - How to Read and Write them.  Use a translator to write your name in Hieroglyphs!

Hatshepsut's Revenge: An adventure game that takes you to Ancient Egypt

Greek Magazine Project - A cooperative group project on the study of Ancient Greece

On The Way To The Forum - A Web Quest on the Ancient Roman Empire

Board Games of the Ancient World - A cooperative group activity while studying Ancient Civilizations

World History: Medieval and Early Modern Times

Inquiring Minds...- An Internet-Based Learning Activity on The Middle Ages

Exploration- A classroom activity for students working in cooperative groups

Pilgrimage to Mecca:  The Hajj

The Growth of Islam

Will America Fall Apart Like the Maya?

Explorers, Women in History, and the 20th Century

An Adventure to the New World - Become an explorer and create a scrapbook of your journey!

Discoverers Web Homepage: Links and Information on Voyages and Discovery

Famous Explorers Home Page

The Suffragettes - Women and the right to vote

Presidents - An index on the U.S. presidents

The Presidentís Powers

What is a Republican Government?

Our Government at Work

Democracy in America (Online) - Using the web to create a multimedia scrapbook

Who is a Citizen?

Debate on Ratification:  Should we ratify the new Constitution?