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World History- Explorers and Empires in the New World

Complete the questions below for World History, Exploration.  You will work with a partner, so make sure both of you type your names in the blanks.

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1.  In the 1400's, Portuguese explorers set out to find a new trade route to

2.  of Portugal reached Asia by sailing around Africa.

3.  hoped to reach Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic.

4.  Columbus did not reach Asia, but he discovered

5.  Sailors under were the first to sail around the world.

6.  Spanish conquistadors conquered the Aztecs and in America.

7.  The voyages of gave England a claim to lands in North America.

8.  In the 1500s, explorers from England, France, and the Netherlands looked for the to Asia.

9.  explored the St. Lawrence River for France.

10.  explored present-day New York for the Netherlands.

Select the ONE answer that is INCORRECT.

11.  European nations built overseas empires to

12.  The Portuguese built

13.  Spanish settlers

14.  Catholic missionaries from Spain

15.  England's defeat of the Spanish Armada

16.  England's empire in America was

17.  The Netherlands

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18.  is the explorer that I learned the most about.  I learned.

19.  Name 3 famous explorers and the lands that they explored.

20.  In your opinion, who discovered America?  Who deserves credit for this discovery?

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