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Internet Training Session Assessment

We need your feedback in order to improve our performance.  Please complete all of the information requested.

Please provide the following contact information:

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Enter the date of ... :

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(5=Very Much, 3=Moderately, 1=Not at all)                        

1. Did this workshop meet your expectations?

2.  Were the written materials useful?

3.  Did the instructor present the material clearly?

4.  Was the instructor responsive to your questions?

5.  Has this workshop increased your confidence and enthusiasm for using the Internet?

6.  Has this workshop raised your awareness of the variety of information sources available via the Internet?

7.  Has this workshop taught you the basics of navigating through the Internet in order to answer questions?

8.  What were the best aspects of the training session that should be kept or expanded?

9.  How can this training session be improved?

10.  Any comments about the room?

11.  Additional comments:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this assessment form!

Mary B. Reid.
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Revised: April 16, 2000