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Renaissance Fact Book


As a final project for the study of the Renaissance time period, you will create a “Fact Book” on the Renaissance.  Your book will be 17-20 pages in length and will be graded on:


Your fact book must include the following information:


  1. Cover – Title, Created by (your name), colorful and neatly illustrated in the time period of the Renaissance

  2. Table of Contents – Page titles and page numbers (this page should be completed LAST)

  3. Fact Pages:
    1. Famous People of the Renaissance (at least 6, such as Michelangelo, Newton, etc.)

    2. Important Inventions (must include the Printing Press!)

    3. Maps important to the time period (at least 1 showing the spread of Protestantism)

    4. Time Line – Include dates, important facts, and people

    5. Each fact page must include written descriptions and illustrations

    6. You may draw, trace, or find pictures from the computer such as clip art or on the Internet for your illustrations


Internet Sites

Use the following Internet Sites to assist you in locating important facts and information on the Renaissance.

·       Renaissance – Printing and Thinking:

·       The Protestant Reformation:

·       Renaissance Links on the World Wide Web:

·       Art of the Renaissance: