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Understanding Cultural Differences, Social Values, and Change

Now that you have a checklist of your values, let's discover the values of other ethnic groups. First, identify two other people to work with. Then, the three of you identify one American ethnic group, other than your own, to explore (African-American, Anglo, Mexican-American, Japanese-American, Native American, Jewish, etc.).

Next, the three of you will discover the way people in your chosen ethnic group would respond to the Should The Child Be Taught Checklist in the Connect section. You will be using a variety of resources. Among these resources are:


Your campus library or local library

Contact the reference librarian to find out how to connect to your local library's online catalog or use the following site for the online catalog of a library near you: (log in as PAC and select vt100. After that, just follow the menus).

For Asian and Pacific Studies as well as the Hispanic American Periodicals Index go to the University of California libraries at

Use the following web search sites for lists of books and periodicals:

Hispanic American Periodicals Index -

African-American Studies -

Asian American Literature -

Native American Literature -

Usenet newsgroups

Use one of the following search engines to find the appropriate newsgroup:

Web search engines

People you know from the ethnic group you are researching.

Interview these people by telephone or email.

As you collect your data don't forget to also keep a list of the resources for each piece of data. Record your findings and your resources on a document in your word processor which also contains your name and the ethnic group you are investigating and which is titled "Notes for Should A Child Be Taught". When you have collected all your data, send this document to Mary Reid and to the other two members of your team so you can compare your data.


For questions about the assignment or content, contact Mary Reid via email.

When you have completed the above, click on the "Reflect" button below.