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Fables to Capture your Fancy

Aesopís Fables are short stories about animals that illustrate the faults and virtues of human beings.  It is believed that many of these stories were brought to Greece from the east more than two thousand years ago.  A slave in Greece named Aesop has been given credit for making them popular.  The first collection of the fables took place more than two hundred years after Aesopís death.  Aesop was also given credit for similar stories that were later added to the collection.  And so, Aesopís fables have lived throughout the ages to delight storytellers, listeners,and readers with their straightforward plots, animal characters, and ďlessons to be learned.Ē

Point to Ponder

There must be something very special about Aesopís Fables to have caused them to remain popular for more than two thousand years.  What do you think it is?

Project to Pursue

The fable of the grasshopper who lazed away the summer while the industrious ant was busily storing food for the winter is one of the most famous of Aesopís fables.  The antís answer to the grasshoppers request for food (ďsince you sang all summer, you can dance all winterĒ) has been used many times to demonstrate the value of perseverance and foresight.  Create another fable using different animal characters to convey the same lesson.