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A High Flying Flag

In 1818, the Congress of the United States of America decreed that a national flag should be made to include thirteen stripes to represent the original states and a star to represent each state in the union.  Betsy Ross, a seamstress at the time, has often been given credit for making the first flag.   Many historians say, however, that even though Betsy Ross did make many flags, the credit for making the first flag still belongs to an undetermined flag maker.  Others argue that yes,  Betsy Ross did make the first flag.

Point to Ponder

If you were asked to design a new flag for the United States that would celebrate the nation's multiculturalism, what elements would you include?  View some flags of the world.  Would you use any elements from those flags?  Which ones, and why?

Project to Pursue

Through the years the American flag has been referred to as “Old Glory,” “The Red, White, and Blue,” and “Stars and Stripes.”  Think of another name for the flag and use it as the title of a poem or short essay honoring the flag.