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Idioms Are Intriguing

Idioms are expressions or sayings that are used figuratively to add interest to one’s speaking or writing vocabulary.  They are not meant to be taken literally since they are usually made up of words that can be easily misunderstood by people looking for hard and fast meanings.  They may, on the other hand, add color and interest to language or literature when  used with imagination and discretion.

Point to Ponder

  1. Why would it be important to avoid the use of idioms in conversation with a person just learning English as a second language?
  2. What do each of the following idioms mean?

Project to Pursue

Create an original idiom to convey the following meanings:

  1. Hard work and honesty will pay off.
  2. Friendships are more valuable than money.
  3. Lying and cheating will bring grief and shame.
  4. Attitude is more important than ability.

Illustrate your idioms to be part of an “Idiom Book.”