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Who Were the Neanderthal Anyway?Neanderthal Man

The Neanderthal people lived over 70,000 years ago in Europe during what is known as the Ice Age.  Anthropologists have found their remains in such places as Germany, Great Britain, France, Syria, and Italy.  Neanderthal people were short and muscular.  They had long, low skulls with very heavy ridges over their eyes.  Neanderthal people lived in caves and used fires to keep warm.  They made stone axes and wooden spears with which to hunt mammoth and the wooly rhinoceros.

Point to Ponder
Determine whether the life of the Neanderthal people was more simple or less simple than our lives today.  Consider such things as food, shelter, clothing, and health/safety issues when making your decision.

Project to Pursue
Write out a series of responses to one or more of the following “what if” statements:
1.  If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you want to have seen?
2.  If you could have one group of people from history live their full lives over again, starting now, what group would you pick and why?
3.  If one of your parents/guardians was to be a famous person from any time in history, who would you want them to be?