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Newspapers have been a regular part of daily life for people all over the world for many years.   They have been looked to as the source of news not only about world and local happenings, but also about education, sports, entertainment, comics, agriculture, home and gardens, religion, food, finance, and much more.   In todays world of electronic transmission, many people are turning to TV and/or radio news broadcasts, talk shows and special coverage of live events, and the Internet for this same information.   Speculation as to how much longer large daily newspapers will be considered a vital and influential part of the world communication system is a topic of great concern to publishers, investors, employees, and advertisers of the giant newspaper empires.

Point to Ponder
Rank from 1 to 4 (with 4 being the highest) the following list as it applies to your source of information for daily news: daily newspaper, radio, television, Internet.

Project to Pursue
Outline a panel discussion related to examination of the advantages, disadvantages, and possible consequences of the demise of the daily newspaper.  Support your outline with ten good questions to be answered by knowledgeable panel members to be drawn from both newspaper and other media professions.