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6th Grade

6th Grade Parent Letter

7th Grade

7th Grade Parent Letter

8th Grade

8th Grade Parent Letter

RSP/DHC Program

Web Projects

CRA Presentation

Classroom Connect Presentation

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Sites to Visit

Capella University


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Classroom Web Projects:

Inquiring Minds...: Middle Ages Web Project
Fairy Tales, Fables, Myths, and Legends: Fairy Tales Web Quest
Greek Magazine Project: A Culminating Project for Grade 6
Renaissance Fact Book - Culminating Project for the Renaissance, Reformation, and the Age of Reason
On the Way to the Forum - Project for Ancient Rome

Sites to Visit:

CRA Presentation Web Sites: Visit these sites for more information
CLMS Presentation: 1999 California League of Middle Schools Conference
Web66: All Schools on line
The Global Schoolhouse: More than just pen pals
Classroom CONNECT: Great site with lots of links
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: All the links to sites you will ever need!
Tripod HomePager: Build your own web site!
MetaCrawler: A Meta Search Engine
Dogpile: A Meta Search Engine
Yahoo!: Subject Directory
McDougal Littel Online: Literature Links
Yahooligans: Subject Directory for Students
GraphX Kingdom: Link to Great Graphics

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