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The Tragedy of Pearl HarborThe Arizona Memorial

Many people will never forget the morning of December 7, 1941.   Japanese bombers attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, completely catching the Americans off guard.  The Japanese destroyed six warships, damaged twelve others, and destroyed 174 aircraft.   This untimely attack took the United States into the war against Japan and its allies, Germany and Italy.

Point to Ponder

The basic cause of conflict between Japan and the United States at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor was Japanís occupation of the French colony of Indochina, now Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.  Not everyone alive during that invasion would view its results the same way.  Assume the point of view of the following people and think about their perception of what happened and why it happened:  a native resident of Hawaii, a naval officer stationed at Pearl Harbor, and a pilot for a Japanese bomber.

Project to Pursue

Create a front-page headline and feature article for an American newspaper that describes this event from history.