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Robert Louis Stevenson was the author of such diverse works as the well-known books Treasure Island and A Child’s Garden of Verses, as well as many other books of fiction, poems, and essays.  He is one of few writers whose works have remained popular through the years with both young children and adults.  Robert Louis Stevenson can truly be called a great storyteller because of his constant attention to maintaining the interest of the reader through use of description, strong plots, and lively characters.  Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he continued to write throughout his life in spite of living the life of a wanderer, seeking cures for his poor health.  In later life, he moved to Samoa with his family.  He lived there and was active in politics and government until his death.

Point to Ponder

How do you think Robert Louis Stevenson would conduct his search for health today?  How could technology and advances in medical science be of help to him?

Project to Pursue

Make a list of questions about the life and works of Robert Louis Stevenson.  List the resources you would use to find these answers.