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The Road Less Traveled

Robert Frost was an American poet whose works have become an important part of American literature.   It’s interesting to note that while he is most often looked upon as a rural poet, writing about the New England countryside and lifestyle in which he grew up, his first works were actually published while he was living in England.  One of the reasons that his writing holds such a universal appeal is the simplicity and conversational nature of his writing style.  While reading the works of Robert Frost, one almost feels as if the poet himself were in the same room speaking directly to the reader.  Despite each poem’s simplicity, the messages conveyed in Frost’s writings are meaningful and memorable and more profound than is at first apparent.   One of his most famous poems is “The Road Not Taken.”

Point to Ponder

An often-heard statement is “he or she is marching to his or her own drummer.”  Do you think this is possible without loosing step with the band?

Project to Pursue

Elaborate on the statement “Life is full of trade-offs” as it applies to each of the following: