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Storybook Characters

Some books are said to be classics and are read by children of many generations.  Classic stories or tales have a special appeal because they are timeless, well-written, creative, unusual, and fun to read.  Classics come in all different sizes and shapes, with a a wide variety of characters, plots, settings, and points of view.  Some classical titles were written many years ago while others are more recent.  It is important for students to become familiar with these classics because literature is an important means for transferring one’s culture.

Point to Ponder

Think about each of these famous storybook characters and try to identify the title of the book for each one:   Alice, Charlie, Charlotte, Claudia, Dorothy, Eloise, Fudge, Hans Brinker, Harriet, Laura, Mafatu, Pippi, Mr. Popper, and Tom.  Write your answers down, then use the links to check your answers.  Are they the same?   Did you find someone different?

Project to Pursue

Choose one of the characters listed above, and write a letter to him or her stating what you like best about his or her role in the story or book.