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The SuffragettesWomen had to fight for their right to vote

Many years ago, women could not vote.   Campaigns for women’s suffrage (right to vote) began in earnest about 1848 in the United States and in 1865 in Great Britain.   The name “suffragettes” was given to women who took militant action in support of women’s suffrage.   Sometimes women had to go on hunger strikes, go to prison, or give speeches on street corners in order to get the public’s attention.  In 1920, the United States gave all women the right to vote, while Great Britain did so in 1928.

Point to Ponder

Think of as many reasons as you can why you think women were not allowed to vote prior to the early 1920s.

Project to Pursue

Skywriting is a popular form of sending political and marketing messages to the people.  Think of several “sky messages” that could have been sent by the suffragettes and write them using a sky motif.