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Tales Told and Retold

Whole histories of people, places, and events have been saved from extinction through folktales that were handed down from one generation to another.  However and wherever they have been told, they have held audiences of one to thousands spellbound.  They include fables, fairy tales, myths, legends, poems, and ballads.   Some folktales have lived for centuries while others have survived for only a short time.  One thing they have in common is that they all seem to have a simple but captivating plot, a definitive setting, and an exciting cast of characters.

Point to Ponder

How would storytellers such as the brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson fare in today's world of high tech?  Would their stories be as appreciated if they were told with modern characters and situations?

Project to Pursue

Have you noticed that many of the best known fairy tales actually have no fairy in them?  Take one of your favorite fairy tales with no “fairy” and rewrite it to include a mystical character such as a giant who cried giant tears, a laughing leprechaun, a cross fairy princess, a wicked troll with a forked tongue, a tiny little elf no taller than your finger, etc.